High Performance Leadership

“The truth is, few groups of leaders actually work like a team, at least not the kind that is required to lead a healthy organization”
Patrick Lencioni, The Advantage

In our experience, more time is spent on agreeing the strategy than developing a leadership team in fit shape to deliver it. Without the latter, the former will always remain an aspiration.

We work with leadership teams to create the climate in which a high-performing, customer-centric culture will flourish. This takes clarity and focus on the results you want to achieve and personal accountability for your part in achieving them. High-performing teams are supportive, hold each other to account and know that they are collectively responsible for delivering common objectives.  

For this to become real and heartfelt, leadership teams need to be comfortable with a productive level of conflict, difficult debate and commit to decision-making. Underpinning all of this is trust – without a high level of trust across the team leaders will “go through the motions”, and so will their people.

We use a structured high-performing team framework to diagnose what’s working well now and where more attention and support is needed. We work with you to “unlearn” old habits and form new, more effective ones that will deliver the results you want and need. This is achieved by working at both a team and an individual level.