What we do


We start with your strategic objectives, brand ambitions and insight from customers and your people who look after them. Rather than reinventing the wheel, we spend time getting to know you and use your journey to date to accelerate change and uplift performance.

Culture change

Organisation culture is often felt to be a bit of an enigma. Everyone knows it exists and that it’s in some ways helping and in some ways getting in the way. We help clients see their culture for what it is and shape it to fuel high performance and customer loyalty. [Find out more…]

People engagement

With the growth of surveys and benchmarking statistics, it’s easy to lose sight of the real people that are the organisation. Organisational change will always be superficial, fragile and unsustainable unless your people change their behaviour. In order for people to change their behaviour… fundamentally, deeply, consistently and continuously… they need to be engaged. They need to want to think and do things differently. [Find out more…]

Developing change-ability

Pecan is about helping organisations to change themselves and to become more change-able as a result of our involvement. [Find out more…]

High Performance Leadership

There is no escaping the fact that 70-80% of an organisation’s culture is determined by its leaders. We work with leadership teams to establish the right climate to create the culture you want and need. [Find out more…]