PECAN NEWS : Archive for April 2015

What can the voluntary sector teach us about employee engagement?

By Ella Overshott, Senior Partner Reading Time: 2 Minutes It’s often said that the only certainty is uncertainty, and at Pecan Partnership, as a leading Change Agency in the UK, we’re astutely aware that change is...


Corporate change programmes? Just be the change you want to see

By Andrew Loveless, Senior Partner Reading Time: 2 Minutes 40 Seconds Ghandi’s words above are often quoted in the context of corporate change programmes, and at Pecan Partnership we see that they are rarely acted...


People Engagement – Why the soft stuff is hard to deliver in Change Management

At Pecan Partnership, when delivering change management programmes our Change Consultants often notice a common theme: leaders have often been promoted for their technical expertise and are effective at technical management, but not so good...