Where are we going?

What will it be like when we get there?


How will it benefit the organisation and our customers?

What's in it for me?


Why do we need to go now?


Leaders aligned and able to articulate destination

Everyone clear on why change is needed

Excitement, anticipation and openness

Organisation Journey

What is causing our current culture?

What are the barriers and enablers for change?

Role of My Team

How does this impact our team?

What do we need to stop, start and continue?

Symbolic Change

Implementing quick wins

Removing barriers


Blueprint for change

Engagement and ownership of the required changes

Visible and positive evidence that change is happening

Identifying Habits

Deepening self-awareness

Understanding personal impact on others' behaviour

Personal Change Journey

Recognising personal enabling and limiting beliefs

Learning to be the change you want to see

New Routines

Making new decisions

Being different on a daily, weekly and monthly basis


Step change in performance

Transformed leadership and management capability

Changes and improvements become self-sustaining


Customer and people processes eg channels, literature, recruitment, induction, 1:1s


Formal eg intranet, bulletins, management cascades

Informal eg stories, coaching


Targets and goals

Reward and recognition

Performance management

People/customer surveys


Processes, measures and communication embed change

New habits become the norm

Role models of the new are recognised and rewarded

Simple steps to improve performance, accelerate change and deepen engagement

How we do it

“Culture”, “engagement”, “transformation” – these are words that are increasingly talked about in the world of business, health, media, sport, in fact any group of people who are striving for exceptional performance (usually with fewer resources).

So what makes us different? Clients tell us it is a combination of our attitude, values, experience and approach.

Our approach involves a blend of facilitation, frameworks and support that catalyse change, build momentum and embed new mindsets and behaviours.

We’ve run high pressure, fast-moving operations in corporates and start-ups and this experience has built fundamental principles that determine the way we work.

Most culture/behavioural change programmes focus on just that, behaviours. Leaders and managers tell their people to DO things differently. At best this causes short-lived change – it doesn’t sustain or embed because it’s not driven by personal choice and motivation..

So, we start by helping you define the prize, the WIN that you want to achieve, in simple terms. Understanding your brand ambitions, commercial aspirations, getting crystal clear on what success looks like and WIIFM (What’s in it for me) – in measurable terms – creates appetite for change.

Then we work with you to raise awareness of the mindsets, attitudes and beliefs that are causing the current way of doing things and we tap into people’s individual desire to be the best they can be. We call this the BE.  In our experience, focusing on the BE is the only way to create sustainable high-performance.